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Dr. Camilla Ellis says:

"Quest has offered me massive assistance with marketing, associates and with systems within the clinic. They have helped me get my clinic running like a well-oiled machine."

From: Dr Mark Postles
RE: Associate Driven Practice System
Dear Chiropractic practice owner,
Here's how to reveal the secret of having complete mastery over your impact, income, and increased freedom.
Here's Why...
The Associate Driven Practice System is a simple yet profoundly effective way for you to go step by step through the complex field of creating, operating and expanding your Associate Driven Business!

Here's how and why we can make you this promise... 
Dr Mark Postles
I’m Dr Mark Postles and in over 40 years in chiropractic I have constantly pushed to raise the bar of personal integrity, scientific certainty, technical excellence, practice efficiency and professional power. These elements are what make your practice grow into a business that has a profound influence.
I have created and run numerous associate practices with over 50 associates. Most importantly I am still in active practice and have 6 Chiropractors practicing under one roof. I know, without doubt what works and what doesn’t work in associate practice in the year 2019.

The purpose of this course is to give you everything you need to elevate your practice to a business where associates can grow and develop AND drive the business as if it were theirs.

In fact, here's what some our Associates say about our Associate System. 

Dr Morgan Weber says:

“I have had the unique experience of being both the associate chiropractor & principal chiropractor within ‘Associate Driven Practices’.  On both levels I have found this approach to be a fair, equitable & mutually beneficial tool to navigate all stages of moving in and out of a thriving practice. Put simply ‘their success is your success’! "
Dr Morgan Weber
There is a lost opportunity cost of not creating leverage in your business. 
If you are doing things that others could do it costs you in time, money and effort plus the fact that you don’t have time or energy to put into the higher endeavors of reinventing what you have and creating the new.

The sad fact is that over 60% of associate practices fail or end in less than a harmonious way. This costs all concerned in money, harmony and professional unity. As consultants we are witness to these hostile divorces all the time – it’s such a sad thing to see. 

The chiropractic profession is too small for such nightmares.

As with any argument, there are two sides and all too often the reason for the soured relationship is with you, the practice principal because you didn't set the practice up correctly in the first place.

Now, if you are expecting us to offer you a magic bullet that will ‘fix’ your practice instantly then you better stop reading this right now and go watch Netflix or keep adjusting every patient yourself!

The development of business comes in incremental steps over time and we are here to over-deliver on our promise to you as long as you are prepared to do the work.
Take advantage of our No Risk Guarantee!  Try it for 30 Days and if it's not what you need, we'll give you a full refund!
In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get... 
  • ​A culture that is aligned with your purpose and mission will produce at a higher level than a group of individuals working for the 'boss'
  • ​You will save time by creating leverage so that others will do what you have traditionally done 
  • ​When systems and procedures are formatted and run smoothly your mind will be at rest 
  • ​You'll be able to step out of the practice and take those long leisurely holidays that open up your mind to new possibilities knowing that everything is under control back at the practice. 

Dr. Susan Tidy says:

“I was burned out, busier than I wanted to be but didn’t think the practice was busy enough to support myself and another Chiropractor. 

Quest systems & support helped me through that fear and putting on associates has been the best thing! Even having much less experienced associates has helped to give me more of a feeling of support in practice too!

Income is up 30% and I’m getting much more time off including 6 months for maternity leave which worked perfectly as I had to spend very little time at or on the practice both mentally or physically”.
You’ll be… 
  • Free to think, strategise and develop
  • You won’t have to make all the mistakes in developing your practice - you can learn from ours
  • Your practice becomes the ‘go-to’ place for practice members, students and aspiring associates as it becomes an identity greater than just you.
So Here's The Bottom Line Of What You Get With Associate Driven Practice System:
You get 5 Modules you can work through at your own pace. 

These give you a wealth of information contained in short videos and downloadable content. We walk you through each step of the way from deciding on your ideal associate practice to every detail of what you need to make it happen and how to apply each step. 
  • Where is your practice now and where do you want to go in the future? 
  •  Can your practice sustain the change?
  •  Designing the structure of your desired practice
  •  The gaps in your practice
  •  Your ideal Practice
  •  Values, Purpose, Mission, Style, SOP, Commitment, Accountability, Tenure, Inclusivity, Hours, Expectations, Remuneration, Technique, Educational Procedures, Volume, Training, Meetings, Social activities, Marketing
  •  Hiring your ideal associate
  • The four styles of associate practice including:
  •    - The Benefits and Limits
  •    - The Business Model
  •    - The Operations
  •    - The Exit
  •  The Tribal Practice – The principal is the ‘boss’ style. 
  •  The Corporate Business – The policy rules style. 
  •  The Wayshower Business – The group decision style. 
  •  The Comperation Business – The collaborative workspace.
We are there for you throughout this journey - you have access to live group discussions designed to assist you with every question that you will have.
You Normally Pay $3,495...
But Let Me Sweeten The Pot For You Even More With These Instant Bonuses For Acting Now... 
Bonus #1: Office Policy Manual Template
The Office Policy Manual template is the product of untold hours of modelling a large number of successful chiropractic practices. The result of this is a template that easily guides you through compiling your own Office Policy and Procedures manual – an essential ingredient for an associate driven practice. 
This template is going to make it easier and faster for you to get an Office Policy document off the ground and if you already have one it will enable you to upgrade it in minimal time.
The success of your business is tied to the clarity and duplicability of your strategies and tactics. These are located in your Office Policy Manual and it must be first class for your business to thrive without you.

  • You will have your entire business formatted
  • You will reduce error significantly
  • You won't have to micromanage
  • Your team will move from frustrating problems driven to solutions focussed
The Real Value Of Office Policy Manual Template: $797
Bonus #2: The in8model 'Fantastic Future Formula' Program
in8model method program
Your future is yours to create. Whether it is yourself, your practice members, your team or your business. In search of more effective ways to connect with people, I went through thousands of hours of training and research costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to develop the in8model®. 
One essential part of the in8model® is around your ability to create and manifest your vision. The 'Fantastic Future Formula' gives you the step by step process to drive your future including your ideal associate practice.

You will:
  • Easily understand yourself and your behaviors
  • Discover your inner drivers and use them to propel you to your compelling future 
  • Reinvent yourself rather than the wheel
  • Have fewer ‘surprises’
  • Have less stress
  • Have less frustration with others
  • Make it so much easier and faster for you to get outstanding results both for yourself and with your associates.
Using the in8model® you will get better results more consistently in every situation.
The Real Value Of thein8model ® 'Fantastic Future Formula': $797
Bonus #3: Quest Procedures For Lifetime Care
In order for associates to drive the practice they must have a simple and easy practice procedure to follow which is congruent with your practice’s purpose.

This is going to make it easier and faster for you to choose, train and interact with your team.  

How? Because it lays out the visit by visit procedures that produce a well-functioning healthy lifestyles business .

You might be thinking you can't use this because you already have a clinical care system. That's not true because the QPFLTC can be adapted to your values and vision and your current system of clinical management.

The Real Value Of The Quest Procedures For Lifetime Care: $697
Bonus #4: Coaching Program
in8model method program
Whilst the Associate Driven Practice System course addresses so many day to day issues that come up it's still impossible to cover every detail that will occur.
I have made many stupid mistakes and horendous blunders to get the knowledge and experience that I have gained but you won’t have to because I am giving you an opportunity to e-mail me at any time, ask questions and have me address them in the 20 live online sessions for the year. 

Yes, long after the materials have been delivered you will be able to meet me online and get your questions addressed for a whole year. 

I want to make it easier and faster for you to implement these changes and I will be there to personally guide you.
The Real Value Of The Coaching program $13,200
Bonus #5: Personal Strategy Planning Session
in8model method program
In the Personal Strategy Planning Session I will give you a head start making it faster and easier for you to get a  workable Associate Driven Practice model up and running quickly.

You will get a framework and structure to work on so that you know the path ahead.

This will save you in time and energy and you will know exactly where you are going and what steps to take next. 
The Real Value Of The Planning Session $660

As you can see, these bonuses alone have a total value of over $19,000... but they're yours when you act now!
The Real Value Of What You Get Is…
Associate Driven Practice System
in8model ® Fantastic Future Formula
Office Policy Manual Template
Quest Procedures For Lifetime Care 
Coaching Program
Quick Start Personal One On One Consult
Get Started Now And You Will Get It All For USD$1,997! 
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And you have nothing to lose because you can... Take A Full 30 Days To Put Us To The Test With Our Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee.
 Sign Up Today, If You Don’t Like It For ANY REASON
Just Let Me Know And We’ll Give 100% of Your Money Back.
As you can see all the risk is squarely on our shoulders, so....
Grab this offer NOW and take your practice to the next level
I don’t have an associate yet so why would I need this program?
An associate practice is designed from the ground up so the best time to design it is BEFORE  you have an associate. 
I have tried employing associates before and it is too stressful – why do you think this is so?
Expectations (both yours and the associates) are the most common cause of breakdown in relationships of all types. The ADPS program takes you through the ‘Why’ you are doing this form of practice. When this is clear the ‘stress’ turns to excitement, challenge and growth. 
Can I take on an associate even when I don’t have a ready-made practice for them?
Expectations (both yours and the associates) are the most common cause of breakdown in relationships of all types. The ADPS program takes you through the ‘Why’ you are doing this form of practice. When this is clear the ‘stress’ turns to excitement, challenge and growth. 
I have tried employing associates before and it is too stressful – why do you think this is so?
Yes, and in fact it is the best way. Everyone has a productivity capacity. If you give a new associate a ready-made practice they will take it to their capacity very quickly. If you give them nothing they will take it to their capacity very quickly. 
How do I stop associates from challenging me?
Associates are there to challenge you so this is good. If that bugs you then you are not playing at a high enough level. An associate practice is constant support and challenge from which there is growth for all. 
Why do associates leave for less facilities and less money?
Associates will leave a practice if their ego is being squashed. They are crying out for more ownership.
How do I stop associates from leaving?
Ask yourself the same questions regarding your partner. People will not leave you if they get what they need from what you are and have created. This includes love, support, challenge, ego expression, control, money, growth, information, inspiration, comradery, acknowledgement…
How do I find good associates?
How do you find good practice members?
• You define them
• You discover what they are interested in
• You see where they hang out
• You show up where they are
Should I put new associates into a satellite practice by themselves?
We would not recommend this. They need the guidance of the main practice to establish their practice acumen. If you have your business very well formatted and you have really well trained staff at the satellite practice then – maybe. 
Do you recommend multiple associates or multiple practices?
Economies of scale suggest that you are better off to have multiple associates in one location until that has maxed out and then put higher performing associates into the satellites.
Are mature practitioners or new graduates better associates?
There are upsides and downsides to both. The overriding decider here is the character traits of the individual. Always hire by character traits (see the in8model® for more on this). 
Mature age associates have had experience but can be inflexible whilst new graduates can be more flexible but lack of experience costs you. For mult-associate practices we suggest a mix of both.
What are the things to look for in a potential associate?
The associate’s character must fit your practice’s culture.
Use your practice purpose statement as a reference for the culture that you want.
Do an analysis of the character trait gaps in your business. (Use thein8model®)
Hire for the gaps.
Are they a team player (check their history).
How heavily have they invested in themselves over the years?
Have them come and spend time with you in a casual (non practice) setting so you can assess their behaviours – do they participate, ask questions, relate well to others etc
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